T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life in Texas.

Casey always finds a way to have fun.

Casey is doing great. Latest Letter.

November 15, 2010

Hey Hey ya'll

Well this week was a pretty good one here in Texas we got some nice rain and its almost started to get a lil bit chilly down here. Sounds like y’all have gotten some snow though huh?? That’s great for you! Well, this last week we had like 12 gators at church so it was super cool it was the most that had been there in a long time and our family of 6 that is progressing super good didn’t make it so were really doing good and the branch is super fired up down here. It’s really cool and gonna be super rough if I get transferred this next week. The members all already have some super cool plans for us for Christmas and thanksgiving and stuff i feel closer to some of the members here than i did some of them in Fayette after 19 years of being there with ‘em. They’re super cool and I’ve already got a trip to Mexico planned with one of them when i come back down. I helped him hang up his Christmas lights Friday night and just about fell off the roof so that was fun to!!!

Life is going Great! We’re going to the temple tomorrow as well. So that will be awesome, then doing some service project - putting bikes together for kids for Christmas. Life is good though there. We have a few families that are getting super close to baptism and were pretty sure that they will. The Lord is really blessing us down here and its great. Another thing that we got that I’m not too sure about down here is we all got texting and so it’s just weird to text down here now. I really don’t like it anymore, but I guess all the missions in the U.S. are getting it, so not much I can do about it.

Life is good though and I hope everything is going great. Congrats to Cody and Beth too! That’s pretty exciting, but life is over now for ya so hope ya enjoyed it - - -

Also I’m super stoked for Chuck !!! He’s gonna be the best missionary Mexico has seen in its history. He’ll be able to show the narcos what’s up. Life is great though and he’ll do amazing.

Love y’all tonz and sorry this is short, but our day is cut super short cuz were going to the temple tomorrow.

Also thanks a ton for the letters and support. It really helps out a lot, especially the home made jelly.

con Amor Elder Bown