T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Casey is doing really good. He has been serving as Zone Leader in Pasadena. He has a new Mission President and really loves the work. He is working so hard and I'm sure playing a little here and there also.

He came in 2nd in a cereal eating competition.

He only has 5 short months til he will be home. We can't wait but I'm sure he can. He really doesn't want it to end.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 13, 2010

How ya'll doin’ this week?

We'll so far the Christmas day phone call is going to the homemade caramels!!!!! They were amazing, thanks so much for not giving up after ruining the first 4 batches! They were super amazing. So yeah, sorry mom, best step up the game a lil or its gonna be a quiet Christmas around the house for ya!!! Life is going great were still on track to have our baptism for the navidad which will be super sweet. Everything is going great down here, "other than the weather." One day it will be 75 and the next 45 but all in all, it’s still really not gotten too cold. It just gets chilly, with the humidity it cuts through ya but Utah is still a lot colder.

We had our ward Christmas dinner this last week and it was super good. Lots and lots of tamales and good stuff. They gave us all of the leftovers too that was night, so we’re gonna be eating tamales for a good lil while. They gave us like 75 leftover ones!!!

Life has never really been better though, we’re really enjoying everything together. We have started a prank war between us and the U of H elders that live right next door to us, so that’s really keeping things pretty fun and interesting. We’re having a good time!!! We’re going to have our mission Christmas conference this Thursday so that will be pretty fun, The entire mission is getting together so it’s gonna be super fun.

We also got to help with a pretty neat service project. We did a Christmas fun type thing with bounce houses and everything like that for all the kids with cancer in Texas Children’s Hospital. They took us to the airport to do it, so that was torture but it was super fun to get to help make their Christmas. The more that we talk to people about Christmas the harder it is. We run into so many people that don’t even have enough money to get a Christmas tree for their kids or a gift for them and it’s pretty hard. There are a lot of the guys that we talk to that are just sending a box back to Mexico for their family full of nothing but food. They said that’s all their family has asked for for Christmas. We are very blessed to be able to sit down in a warm house and have a nice Christmas meal as a family!!!!

Were doing a bunch of gifts here too, just among some of the friends here on the mission to so it’s pretty fun. Life is great! Thanks for everything y’all are doing for us out here as the lords soldiers!!!

We have our Christmas conference so we just thought we'd hurry and cut our hair last night and got in a lil’ bit too big of a hurry, it looks not so bad now though!!!

Thanks for everything and I hope y’all have a great Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life in Texas.

Casey always finds a way to have fun.

Casey is doing great. Latest Letter.

November 15, 2010

Hey Hey ya'll

Well this week was a pretty good one here in Texas we got some nice rain and its almost started to get a lil bit chilly down here. Sounds like y’all have gotten some snow though huh?? That’s great for you! Well, this last week we had like 12 gators at church so it was super cool it was the most that had been there in a long time and our family of 6 that is progressing super good didn’t make it so were really doing good and the branch is super fired up down here. It’s really cool and gonna be super rough if I get transferred this next week. The members all already have some super cool plans for us for Christmas and thanksgiving and stuff i feel closer to some of the members here than i did some of them in Fayette after 19 years of being there with ‘em. They’re super cool and I’ve already got a trip to Mexico planned with one of them when i come back down. I helped him hang up his Christmas lights Friday night and just about fell off the roof so that was fun to!!!

Life is going Great! We’re going to the temple tomorrow as well. So that will be awesome, then doing some service project - putting bikes together for kids for Christmas. Life is good though there. We have a few families that are getting super close to baptism and were pretty sure that they will. The Lord is really blessing us down here and its great. Another thing that we got that I’m not too sure about down here is we all got texting and so it’s just weird to text down here now. I really don’t like it anymore, but I guess all the missions in the U.S. are getting it, so not much I can do about it.

Life is good though and I hope everything is going great. Congrats to Cody and Beth too! That’s pretty exciting, but life is over now for ya so hope ya enjoyed it - - -

Also I’m super stoked for Chuck !!! He’s gonna be the best missionary Mexico has seen in its history. He’ll be able to show the narcos what’s up. Life is great though and he’ll do amazing.

Love y’all tonz and sorry this is short, but our day is cut super short cuz were going to the temple tomorrow.

Also thanks a ton for the letters and support. It really helps out a lot, especially the home made jelly.

con Amor Elder Bown

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mexican Independence Day

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Casey was transfered to Baytown

That’s the new hot spot in Texas ill tell ya that much!!!!!!

Whats up familiares???

So pretty much I don’t think that I’ve ever been this happy in my life. We’re white washing the entire city of Baytown Texas!!!!! We are the only 2 Spanish missionaries in the entire zone so we get everybody that is Spanish. It is gonna be amazing! Our branch is about 70 but the Branch President just prophesied that the branch is going to have 100 baptisms in the next year. There have only been 2, so that means that we have a good 98 baptisms to look forward to, which is enough to make anybody happy, I believe. We met up with 2 families last night and it was awesome. They are so excited to help us out and do everything that they can, so it’s gonna be amazing. I’m happier than I think I’ve ever been on the mission and I feel great too. I just got outta the chiropractor getting my back realigned. He’s a member, so we get free services como misioneros, so it’s great!!!! I feel good and we’re gonna baptize like crazy. My comp was just released from being zone leader, so he is super happy to be a normal missionary and just focus on the work. We’re gonna do miracles! He only has 4 transfers left before he dies (goes home) so that’s sad but his Spanish is great and so mine is gonna improve a ton this transfer!!!!

We also got the privilege of speaking in sacrament last week right before I left, so that was super cool, but hard at the same time. It was seriously just like my farewell all over again. It was pretty rough leaving behind everybody, almost as hard as the first farewell.

So yeah our ward mission leader here lived in Utah for 10 years and was comps with Carl Sorensen on his mission. Small world! Pres Palmroy is over our area to so I’ll get to talk with him a lot, which will be cool. He is the brother-in-law of Bruce and Kathy Williams . . .

Everything really is going great our apt is super nice and so it’s a nice change and this area is a lot like Provo I think menos (minus) the mountains. So its super nice to get outta H-town for a bit and I’ve actually seen white people already today! So its crazy, I think during my last 4 months in Denver Harbor I maybe saw 10 white people the entire time. So good to be back. But there aren’t quite as many Hispanics either, but that’s ok. We will find them we gotta huge area to cover. So it’s gonna be great! Everybody is stoked to get to work and help us. Both the families we visited last night said that their happy that they can understand us and can speak Spanish with us, which is funny because I’m still pretty much the youngest Spanish missionary out here - menos (minus) the nuevo (new) this week. So that made me feel good. I’m to the point now where I can pretty much understand everything and say what I need to just gotta work on expanding my vocab and a few things but its great. I love it here!!! President Moldenhaur pretty much told us that he was sending us 2 here to fulfill prophecy and revelation and to baptize. It will be great. I had an interview with him the other day that was a good 45 mins long and there only supposed to be 10, so I don’t know about that. But it was super good and I loved it. I heard exactly what I needed to, so everything is going good. We’re seeing a ton of miracles and blessings here, so everything is going great. Thanks a ton for everything that you’re all doing, your prayers are definitely felt.

Let me know if there is anything that I can do for y’all thanks a ton and love y’all.

Love your Tex Mex from Baytown

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Casey is having a great Summer.

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Casey is doing great in Texas. He really loves it there. He truly loves the people of Texas and also the food. This week he enjoyed an early morning trip to the temple as well as helping with a baptism. It is much better than last week when he was robbed. But he always stays so positive and up beat. We miss you Casey but wouldn't want you anywhere else.