T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 13, 2010

How ya'll doin’ this week?

We'll so far the Christmas day phone call is going to the homemade caramels!!!!! They were amazing, thanks so much for not giving up after ruining the first 4 batches! They were super amazing. So yeah, sorry mom, best step up the game a lil or its gonna be a quiet Christmas around the house for ya!!! Life is going great were still on track to have our baptism for the navidad which will be super sweet. Everything is going great down here, "other than the weather." One day it will be 75 and the next 45 but all in all, it’s still really not gotten too cold. It just gets chilly, with the humidity it cuts through ya but Utah is still a lot colder.

We had our ward Christmas dinner this last week and it was super good. Lots and lots of tamales and good stuff. They gave us all of the leftovers too that was night, so we’re gonna be eating tamales for a good lil while. They gave us like 75 leftover ones!!!

Life has never really been better though, we’re really enjoying everything together. We have started a prank war between us and the U of H elders that live right next door to us, so that’s really keeping things pretty fun and interesting. We’re having a good time!!! We’re going to have our mission Christmas conference this Thursday so that will be pretty fun, The entire mission is getting together so it’s gonna be super fun.

We also got to help with a pretty neat service project. We did a Christmas fun type thing with bounce houses and everything like that for all the kids with cancer in Texas Children’s Hospital. They took us to the airport to do it, so that was torture but it was super fun to get to help make their Christmas. The more that we talk to people about Christmas the harder it is. We run into so many people that don’t even have enough money to get a Christmas tree for their kids or a gift for them and it’s pretty hard. There are a lot of the guys that we talk to that are just sending a box back to Mexico for their family full of nothing but food. They said that’s all their family has asked for for Christmas. We are very blessed to be able to sit down in a warm house and have a nice Christmas meal as a family!!!!

Were doing a bunch of gifts here too, just among some of the friends here on the mission to so it’s pretty fun. Life is great! Thanks for everything y’all are doing for us out here as the lords soldiers!!!

We have our Christmas conference so we just thought we'd hurry and cut our hair last night and got in a lil’ bit too big of a hurry, it looks not so bad now though!!!

Thanks for everything and I hope y’all have a great Christmas!!!