T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Monday, April 26, 2010

Casey's Last Letter from the MTC

Casey leaves the MTC Wednesday April 28th. It's hard to believe that he has all ready spent nine weeks in the Missionary Training Center. He is very excited to get into the field. We have his Mission Homes Address (see the right column) he can receive mail and packages there until we get his current mailing address. We don't know what day his p-day will be but we look forward to hearing from him and we will fwd his e-mail to everyone when it comes.

hey how yall doing . . . ;. so this place is pretty much all done and over for me . . .I'm outta here now so its super nice. But I dunno if I'm ready or not for the whole 6 million people at the end of this or not. But whatever, I guess we'll just dive in head first huh? It should be super fun - we picked up a new district this week and one of the elders is from houston. So he's been filling me in on everything and says that I'll love it. He has told me a ton of really cool things about it, so I'm really pretty dang excited to get out there and start converting the whole city! Its' gonna be a good time.

Ah, we had a really good devotional on how our mission will affect us and how our attiude will affect our mission so that got me pretty excited to get out and go to work. I'm figuring I won't have a bad day in the field if i can do anything about it. . .I'm sure I'll have some super tough days, but there really is quite a difference between that and having a bad day. . .The elder from Texas says they're the nicest people in the world, especially the Mexicans. So it got me really pretty excited to start serving real people and doing the real stuff not just the whole mtc routine stuff.

I sent one of my suitcases off to Texas already and it saved me about 50 dollars because of the stupid airline charges and fees now. So it'll be nice not to have to put up with worrying about being overweight now. But life is good, we're on our teaching week now and so were teaching about 5 to 7 lessons a day and so its super good and really getting us ready to go and also helping with the Spanish a ton. The last 2 lessons that we had were about the most powerful lessons that I think I've ever taught it was super cool. The spirit was bumping in there I loved it and hope that it goes that good while I'm in the field. . . .Thanks for yet another package - everybody loved it and the brownies and bread and homemade jam hit the spot. . . .

Thanks so much for everything fam and friends

Love always Elder Bown