T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Pictures

Casey is doing wonderful in the MTC. He is a little tired of the food but is loving learning the gospel. He has an amazing testimony of the gospel and has grown so much in the short time that he has been there. He sent some pictures from the MTC for everyone to enjoy.

The back of the Picture said. The Night Elder Francis left for Peru. Me and my Cali Boys having a good time!

The Picture said "The G-Town Missionaries on our Sunday Temple Walk the day before Elder Neal went to Nicaragua"

The back of the picture says "We be happy. We be serving the Lord. We be the G-Town Boys"

It's great to see that Casey is doing good and making the most out of the opportunity he has to serve the Lord. We love hearing from him and he LOVES hearing from his Friends and Family.

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