T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Monday, July 19, 2010

Casey is staying in Denver Harbor

Casey is so happy he is staying in Denver Harbor. He is able to continue the work with the people of that area that he loves so much. Here is his letter from this week.

Hola Hola,

So I’m staying in Denver Harbor for one more transfer and I getta go pick up my new comp in a hour from now so that will be pretty fun. We’re all guessing and pretty sure that its Elder Oman but who knows. Well find out in a bit. It’d be super cool if it is him though cuz he’s already served there and so he will know the area and things like that it will be super good.

So I don’t think the good news you left me hanging with last week was anything near what i was thinking. IM SO STOKED FOR PUEBLA MEXICO TO GET CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!! o sea Elder Hammond. That’s gonna be super tight and crazy fun I’ve already started finding some people from down there and they say it’s beautiful and the temperature is super good so you lucked out bro! Congrats I’m stoked, Also for Chris to get out here in Texas with me its gonna be super fun for him. Texas is a super fun beautiful place too. It’s just sometimes a bit hot and super flat but the sky is big so that’s pretty fun.

So sounds like you’re all keeping pretty good and busy with everything. That’s great to hear! The idle mind is a scary thing and will get you into trouble more often than not.

Ah this week was a good one though, we helped a family clean out an old bar for a wedding and stuff and so that was a rather eventful time. We found some pretty INTERESTING things for lack of better words haha. But then the wedding was super fun they sure do know how to party......

Ah everything is going great though. This will be the hottest transfer of the year so if I survive this one I’ll survive the rest the year so we’ll see what happens. Marcalino, the guy I baptized, we taught him again yesterday and he asked us for a few more B.O.M's cuz he gave his 2 away to some of his friends so that was amazing. He’s already doing missionary work and we got super happy. He is giving us people to teach and everything! It’s great to see the change he has had in his life. He says he’s never been happier. That’s probably one of my favorite things about the mission is just seeing the change in people’s lives and getting to be a part of it. Everything is good though, thanks so much for everything. I love hearing from y’all.

Love Your Texi Mexi,
Elder Bown

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