T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Casey's First Letter from Texas

Olah Olah!

So so so I dunno where to even start from. Its been about the weirdest week of my life, haha, but its been a good sorta weird i suppose. Sorry I forgot to write down our new apt number but ill get a few letters sent out with the address on it asap. Its a lil 2 bedroom apt. We live on the 2nd floor and there are 5 buildings all around us and like 3 mexican families and the rest are all blacks so it keeps things super fun and interesting We sit and watch fights almost every night so its pretty fun. Our neighbor is super cool though, he invites us over to watch the ball games all the time, but my companion doesnt think that's very right. so we are gonna have problems come game 5 or so hahaha. But no its pretty good I guess.

We already had one of the members ask for a blessing so that was a really neat experience but kinda rough in Spanish but we made it through it ok.

My companions name is Elder Evans. He's from Hawaii or however you spell that place. Spanish has slaughtered my spelling in English but what do ya do i guess? Sorry guys. But he knows spanish pretty good, hes been out here about 7 months. idk I guess I'm just gonna have to learn to love him though for everything i can. We've already had a few pretty intense talks he thought it was ok to take a nap every time we came back and ate at the apt. so idk we're still disputing that one though and he rides his bike slower than anybody i think I know, so Im always pushing him along. I just aint a slow paced lazy type a person i guess. . . .Were getting along better now though. I suppose I made it very clear that I had been raised on the farm and don't slack off on the job and we're on the lords work for the next 2 years.

Next Houston, Probably nothing like anybody is imagining it to be. Its one of the greenest places i've ever seen in my life, You can't see in 10 ft past were they have stopped chopping down the forest. Its super weird cuz its tropical as well as forest stuff. A lot of people have like palm trees and stuff in there yards and others have big pine trees and stuff like that. Its super cool to see everything but its still Texas. I've seen some of the biggest trucks I've ever seen in my life. Its pretty sweet and there are a ton of motorbikes to so its pretty sweet.

We're serving in a place called Denver harbor. its a suburb out of Houston but we can see the tops of all the buildings from here if we ride up on like a 15 ft burm thing. We can see the whole city really well, its that flat. . . .Its pretty cool though this place is huge. Our area is pretty good sized to i'd guess we probably bike around 10ish give or take about 4 miles a day. So my legs are feeling better than ever. Our area is mostly all Hispanic with a few blacks though a lot of people are from Mexico, Salvador and Honduras areas.

The Spanish is welll . . . .ah ya its coming slowly. its a bit different here than in the mtc so it'll just be a long slow hard trail. But were gonna make it I hope. We are both new to the area too, so we're white washing the whole are which is really fun but the last elders in the area didn't update anything in the area book. We're starting from like 4 month old records, so its pretty rough but not much we can do about that its super cool though.

Texas is the only state that flies their flag the same height as the US flag. Houston is like the number one area in the US for alligators and for poisonous snakes too, I believe is what they said. Its been about 80 - 85ish everyday.

The first day we got here we went out for a Texas bbq and that was heaven after 2 months in the CCM. I had bbq ribs and brisket so it was amazing and got to listen to Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley on the radio so i fell in love with Texas right then and there haha. Then we went to the mission home and did a buncha orientation type stuff so it was boring but fun to get to know everybody and stuff.

Its been good though thanks for all your support and what not. Its been a crazy week and hopefully stuff seems a bit more normal next week. Church was honestly one of the best meetings i think that i've been to in my life though. It was like a testimony should be the longest one was like 6 mins and they were all actually testimonys not court trials or travel logs so it was really really really neat. We eat with members every sunday and then again on like wednesdays so its pretty cool. The food is amazing usually pretty good mexican food, i love it! It is most delicious.

Ah church starts at 10 30, so I'm not sure, we haven't figured out exaclty where or when we're calling from yet. I'm pretty sure were calling from one of the members houses though im guess between about 2 30 and 5 30 our time just to be safe I'm pretty sure that's when it'll be so I'm really looking forward to that too.

Its been a pretty crazy adjustment but well get used to it. It rained the 2 and 3 day i was here and you last about a min and then your soaked to the bone so I've been here a week now and been wet about 5 outta the 7 days its super hot and humid. I'm pretty sure I've lost a good 10 lbs already.

Life is good though i guess. I'm surviving off of mac and cheese soup and cereal so ya its pretty fun i guess.

Thanks for all your support and encouragment i love all yall.

Love your favorite Texan Mexican
Elder Bown

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