T.H.E. Mission

T.H.E. Mission

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Call!

We were so excited to talk to Casey today! That really is the best Mother's Day gift for a missionary mom! We certainly get excited to get a personal word with our missionaries!

Just wanted to let you know Casey sounds great! He is happy to be out in the Mission field and getting to work. He was happy because he got to help a family run cement in their driveway and enjoyed the physical work.

He gave us a mailing address and we looked it up on google earth. It looks like he has a decent apartment. He says he can sit on his porch and see cactus, palm trees and pine trees. If he rides his bike up a berm, he can see the skyscrapers of downtown Houston as well. He seems to be getting involved and loving the chance to get to know the members. He hasn't had much chance to get to know his mission president yet, but I am sure he will. There are 6 Spanish speaking sisters in his zone.

He loves eating with the members, he really appreciates brisket that has been cooked in a smoker all day. Beans and tortillas with every meal - he is learning to love it. Otherwise he is living on cocoa puffs and sugar smacks.

There is a Spanish speaking stake in Houston, there are 4 stakes total there. Casey says there are other Spanish wards and branches as well as a stake. There is even an article on the missionaries working with the Spanish in Houston.

Casey says that they will get to go to the Houston Temple twice each year. It is about 45 minutes away. He is looking forward to getting to hear Elder Holland, who comes to speak in Houston each year.

He said he sweats because of the heat, only in the 80's so far, but lots of humidity. He says it is different heat than here at home, he sweats from everywhere, places he didn't even know would sweat.

His typical day is get up about 6:30 am, exercise or run, then shower and eat breakfast. Then he has an hour of personal study, an hour of companion study, and then an hour of language study before they head out for the day. They have to bike a couple of blocks to get into their area, then spend the day working. They have to be back in by about 9 or 9:30. His P-day will be on Wednesday.

He said that the most exciting thing to happen yet is that they have committed two sisters to baptism and now are starting to teach their mother.

We look forward to talking to him again at Christmas. Thanks for all each of you do to support him. Keep all the missionaries in your prayers, they have a great work to do!


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